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‘Jaisalmer’ or ‘Golden City of Rajasthan’ is the land of unbelievable scenic beauty of desert camps in Jaisalmer, majestic palaces and forts, rural desert lifestyle, Jaisalemr Taxi and renowned architectural splendors. This small town of Rajasthan is wonderfully nestled at the spirit of Thar Desert Camp as a stunning jewel, standing arrogant of a fascinating past and rich cultural legacy that is entwined in the tale of Rajputana courtesy and honor. Attraction points in Jaisalmer includes visit to the majestic palaces and magnificent forts, the great Thar Desert, Jain temple, and striking sand dunes. If, you wish to enjoy the majestic land, it is a right time to book your Desert Camp in Jaisalmer with Jaisal tours and camps Jaisalmer Tours Packages.

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We can be contacted physically by visiting our office or bookings can be made online as well. You just have to fill the form with all details and we will contact you withing mentioned time period. We are here to make your journey memorable is our promise with you.

Desert Camping in Jaisalmer

Planning to visit desert during the upcoming holiday? Rajasthan is a right choice. Don’t wait anymore. Book an Amazing and Memorable Trip in Jaisalmer! Discover The Astonishing Adventures Of Jaisalmer…… Popularly known as the “Golden City in India”, Jaisalmer is the most exotic destination on the northern side with beautiful yellowish sand. Book our desert camp resort in Jaisalmer where we promise for a comfortable stay under the vibrant sky of Jaisalmer. At Tour Package Jaisalmer, we promise for special services in actually Rajputana style. The booking procedure is quite easy and you just need to fill up the online form with the requirement and submit. Our executive will contact you shortly with the required information. So if you wish to experience amazing services, then just go through our amazing tour packages to

Best Time to Visit

August to March: You can better enjoy the desert camps during the winter season. So, it is better to plan your visit from August to March. Sightseeing as well as similar outdoor activities such as camel ride, desert safari is highly pleasant and the temperature remains below than 24 degree Celsius. Evenings and nights are cooler and the temperature can additional drop down to 7 or 8 degree Celsius.

Enjoy Rajasthani Folk Dance

If you wish to get familiar with the legacies of the conventional Rajasthani culture, it is surely the best approach to understand it. The amazing environment, melodic folk music & traditional dance will definitely give most unforgettable time. Enjoy Rajasthani Folk Dance during the evening.

Enjoy Camel Safari

Book a luxury camel safari on your Jaisalmer tour to enjoy the loneliness and romance as the camel takes you to exciting heights of the Thar Desert.


Enjoy Jeep Safari in the Thar Desert

The Camp also drives you towards Longewala Border and Sam Sand Dunes in a jeep. You can enjoy the wonderful driving experience in the desert. If you wish to try the authentic food, you can also hire a car for the entire day in Jaisalmer and enjoy your food trail.

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